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Located on the world-famous Wilshire Boulevard in the heart of Los Angeles lies the high-rise residential and executive 110 Wilshire building. Its impressive grandeur, accessible location, exceptional views, and stellar reputation is matched by the highest quality amenities in the community and each luxury apartment found within. Fully furnished suites offer discerning executives an opportunity to find their place in this bustling metropolis.

TENTEN Wilshire Rooftop Garden
1010 Wilshire – Executive Suites Near Beverly Hills and Hollywood

Nowhere else on the West Coast offers more professional opportunity, cultural interest, and luxurious living opportunities than the Beverly Hills area. Take advantage of the location by choosing luxury executive suites that offer so much more than a well-appointed home. In a place steeped with Hollywood culture, fine dining experiences, shopping opportunities galore, and iconic views, millions engage in a wide variety of business pursuits and go about their everyday lives in style.

Downtown Los Angeles plays host to some of the most influential and globally recognized corporations in the world including financial, legal, tech, and entertainment brands. Interspersed with the high-powered executive offices, parks, fine dining and casual restaurants, concert halls, nightclubs, and more welcome residents and visitors to new experiences. Finding a home in the midst of one of the most exciting places on Earth does not have to be a difficult decision.

Whether you head to an office every day or work from home, you need a space that combines all facets of your lifestyle in supreme comfort, convenience, and luxury. Wilshire Boulevard connects residents to all elements that make this city great. Professionals who live, work, and seek entertainment here need a specialized living situation that provides the opportunity for adventure, access to necessary executive amenities, and a secure and comfortable home equally suitable for cocktail parties, virtual business meetings, and relaxed evenings the family.

Flexible Living Spaces for Discerning Professionals

The 1010 Wilshire executive suites near Beverly Hills deliver opportunity for a work/life balance that provides only the best for a diverse range of professionals with unique needs. Residential and office function space melds together to offer exactly what the individual needs at any given time. Multiple monthly events and networking opportunities encourage a neighborhood feel that never abandons the scale ambience. Five-star amenities include shared rooftop spaces, saunas, pools, and fitness centers, and more.

Whether you are looking for a long-term residence for your family or represent a corporation seeking shorter-term lodging for contract work employees, the centralized location, access to MetroLink, and on-site meeting and conference spaces make these luxury suites of smart choice.

Experience the difference attention to detail makes in your fully furnished 1010 Wilshire executive suites near Beverly Hills and Hollywood. With all the amenities and comforts of home included, you may not want to leave even with the vibrant opportunities for shopping, dining, and culture right outside your door. Claim your spot in a premier home that positions you and your family high above the heartbeat of Los Angeles everything you need and want in reach.

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